Stephane Rouault

Stephane is from the Netherlands.

I started simracing with a game called monaco grand prix 2 by ubisoft. My dad bought a wheel for us, it was a Thrustmaster. I spent a lot of summers driving numerous season simulations against the ai, tweaking setups and trying to improve lap-times. After MGPRS2 I drove a lot of GP3, and with this game i started simracing against other real drivers. It was an offline league, so you had to drive on your own, and submit the laptimes to a website, on race day you would see how well you’d done. Then came GP4, the graphics were from another planet a that time, and the tracks were amazingly life-like. But still no online races, that started when rFactor was released.

My first ever online race was with the Dutch team for the Online Racing League ASRWC, with team leader Dethan Rootring. We had a lot to learn but we had good speed and fun races! As ASRWC only ran for 1 season I had to look around for other leagues, and so I found The FormulaSimRacing league. Around this period I had a MoMo F1 wheel, one of the best wheels of its time, later on I got a Logitech g25, and then a g27!

After only a couple of races in the lower classes in FSR, it was again Dethan who arranged a seat for me with the big boys in the World Championship at Ghostspeed Racing. I had a good debut and ended on p5, and well in the points. The first season was a good year with a solid amount of points, and it got me a seat for 2008 alongside champion Bruno Marques! But unfortunately I only could drive for half year because of lack of time. WC end results were 2 podiums and a pole position. After the WC period, I decided to drive in the World Series, it suited me more than the WC because the races were driven on Saturday. It was great fun, and had a couple of great teams i drove for. End results for WS were 3 wins and some more podiums and poles.

After a period of 4 years almost of no online simraces, Dethan asked me a few weeks ago to do a race for GPVWC for [[Deltec Racing Team]], and because I missed driving a lot, I decided to give it a go!
And so here we are, looking forward to a new simrace adventure!
I just had my first race on Hungary, finish in a solid p3! things are looking good 🙂
My first FC Spa Race for [[Deltec Racing Team]]. finished p7 in Race 1. Im happy! Stephane scored 93 points in the 2015 FC season.

2016 sees him back with Deltec Racing Team. we are happy to have him!


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