FSR released their latest 2010 Mod Beta for testing.
This years cars will be designed on the feedback from fellow drivers regarding physics and ‘feel’ of the car.

After 30 laps testing on various 2009 tracks, including Silverstone, Australia, Bahrain and Malaysia, I have to say that this is the best mod ever for FSR!


Being involved with FSR since 2005, the developers have really done a great job with the ‘feel’ and physics of the car. As can be seen from the cockpit (above), it feels like the real thing.
The car is based on the new 2010 F1 regulations, stipulating no refuelling will take place, small front tyres and narrower rear wing. Also the engine physics was enhanced to reach similar top speeds as in real Formula 1.
All-in-all, a great mod, for sure the best to date! Well done guys!


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