Virtual Endurance (VEC) League

 2016 Season 8 Oreca LMP2 Deltec Racing Team

We are fortunate to have given a change to drive in Season 8 of the VEC Endurance League in 2016. An opening became available in the latter part of the team, and we jumped at the opportunity. The Deltec team competed in 4 races in the 2016 VEC League, using the Oreca LMP2 car.

The new Season 9 started just before year end. We entered the brand new Audi R18 Hybrid for the new season 9.

 2017 Season 9 Audi R18 Hybrid LMP1 Deltec Team

2017 Season 10 Audi R18 Hybrid LMP1 Deltec Team

 2018 Season 11 Oreca LMP2 Deltec Team

 2018 Season 11 Norma LMP3 Deltec Team

Season 11 VEC League we entered 2 cars in different divisions and classes. The LMP3 was discontinued.



 ISEC Endurance League

 2016 Audi R18 Hybrid LMP1 Deltec Racing Team
Also in 2016 we received an opportunity to drive in the ISEC Endurance League. We were fortunate to enter multiple classes of cars, including the Audi R18 Hybrid, Oreca LMP2 class, the Ferrari 458 and the Corvette C7R.
 2016 Oreca LMP2 Deltec Team
In the ISEC Endurance GT class, the Ferrari and the Corvette saw the track.
 2016 Ferrari & Corvette GT class


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