There was mixed results for Deltec Racing Team at Brands Hatch this past Wednesday.

The first race of the 2018 XRPM.EU BTCC League was at Brands Hatch where 3 Deltec Racing Ford Focus cars were present, the fourth car of Jarrod Van Der Weide having to skip round 1 due to other commitments.

Race 1 :
With the 3 cars lining up on position 4th (#99) 5th (#72) and 6th (#86) it proved to be a good start for the team. At the start of the race Ronny Timpen had a fantastic start moving up into 3rd position followed by Rob Ha in 4th while Marcel Zorge was caught up in an incedent when another driver hit the left side of the #72 Ford. Altho Marcel Zorge could continue the race in 6th place he already lost time to the drivers in front. After the 2 lead cars were in trouble and hit each other Rob Ha could take over the lead ( Thanks to Ronny Timpen being the teamplayer ) to not give it away anymore and finish the race in 1st place. Behind the battle for 2nd and 4th place continued all the way to the finish line with both Deltec drivers winning the battle.

#72 – Marcel Zorge Q : 5th — R : 4th
#86 – Ronny Timpen Q : 6th — R : 2nd
#99 – Rob Ha Q : 4th — R : 1st

Race 2 :
Race 2 proved to be a lot more difficult as the grid was a reverse lineup of the finishing order in race 1 meaning that the Deltec cars had to line up in 17th (#72), 19th (#86) and 20th (#99).
For the #99 the race was over rather quickly, a huge crash in lap 2 became the first retirement on the season for Rob Ha. For Marcel Zorge it dint go much better as he got hit at the start by another driver leaving a lot of damage on the rear and a need to repair it in the pitlane losing more then a lap. The #86 of Ronny Timpenhowever went much better even though he got turned around at the start and got hit twice during the race causing him to spin Ronny Timpen kept fighting all the way back and in the end finishing a strong 5th place.

#72 – Marcel Zorge Q : 17th — R : 14th
#86 – Ronny Timpen Q : 19th — R : 5th
#99 – Rob Ha Q : 20th — R : DNF

Championship Standings :
#72 – Marcel Zorge : 8th (16P)
#86 – Ronny Timpen : 2nd (31P)
#99 – Rob Ha : 3rd (25P)

Deltec Racing Team NL : 1st (41P)
Deltec Racing Team Int : 4th (31P)

Next week will be round 2 of the XRPM.EU BTCC League.


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